Human resources association
of treasure valley

Board Position - arrangements

Bylaws Requirements and Duties:

  • All board members: Must be a regular, active member of the association in good standing for at least two years at the time of nomination or appointment. Term of office is one fiscal year.

Specific Duties and/or Procedures:

  • Establish a dedicated phone number to accept reservations and messages concerning regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Keep phone message updated to include basic information concerning next regular meeting. Include meeting details and instructions for reserving meals and encourage RSVP on HRATV website.
  • Work with the designated staff at the meeting sites to recommend suitable meals and room arrangements for general meeting.
  • Maintain an RSVP list of reservations for three weeks prior to meetings.
  • Three days prior to each general meeting call the hotel to reserve the meals.
  • The hotel will add enough food to handle a few extra people.
  • Bring the RSVP list, pens, cash box, receipts, and badges to each meeting.
  • Work with chapter administrator and BSU Student Chapter for help at the reservation table each month. Having three people works well.
  • Maintain a $50 reserve in a cash box for change and miscellaneous supplies.
  • Make sure there are adequate pens, receipts and name badges for guests.
  • After all guests have paid, give all but $50 of the cash & checks to the hostess. She will count the money and provide an invoice before you leave. Keep invoice to compare with the bill that will be sent to you within two weeks.
  • From RSVP list, mail bills to those that didn’t show up for reserved meals.
  • Mail, or route the itemized bill and invoices to the treasurer for payment.
  • Provide meal “punch” cards at meetings.

Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley 
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