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HRATV has had an active mentoring program for the past four years. The program has two models: one-on-one and group mentoring.

With one-on-one mentoring, the Mentoring program pairs a mentor with a mentee for one-on-one meetings, usually held monthly, for six-to-nine months.  The paired individuals will create their own objectives and plans and are responsible for setting their own meeting schedules. The mentoring program coordinators will send emails to provide guidance and resources.

With the group mentoring model, the group meets once a month to discuss a topic of interest to the group.  Mentees and mentors are free to develop one-on-one relationships, but the focus is group learning.  The topics are primarily submitted by the mentees, but mentors also suggested topics.  The mentors are assigned a meeting date and topic to present for group discussion.

At this time, the one-on-one mentoring applications are closed.

To participate in the group mentoring program platform or with any questions, please email us at please send them our way!

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