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HRCI On-the-Job Recertification Credit

Ever feel like you don’t have time to earn credit toward your HRCI recertification because your job requires one new project after another?  Well, you may already be earning credit hours while doing those projects.

An often overlooked and free source of credit hours is on-the-job experience.  You can claim up to 20 hours of recertification credit the first time you take on a new project or job responsibility.  The reason is simple.  When we do something new, we learn.  And experiential learning is every bit as valuable as learning from books, classes or webinars.

To qualify for credit, the work must be a first time, job-related experience that you describe and document on your application.  Here are a few examples:

  • Implementing a new compensation plan or performance management system
  • Preparing and presenting an environmental scan as part of a strategic planning session
  • Leading a change management initiative
  • Researching and implementing a Human Resource Information System
  • Representing your organization in labor negotiations

Even smaller projects and assignments qualify for HRCI recertification credit if they are first-time efforts.  And you can claim hour-for-hour credit for each one of them up to a limit of 20.

So don’t let your job get in the way of recertifying for those letters you earned.  Make it part of your recertification.  It is another reason why HRCI certifications are the most relevant, sought after credentials in Human Resources.

For more good ideas on recertifying, check out the HR Certification Institute Recertification Handbook at or call them at 866-898-4724.

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