Human resources association
of treasure valley

Board Position - Membership

Bylaws Requirements and Duties:

  • All Board members: Must be a regular member of the association in good standing at the time of nomination of appointment and an active member in the association for two years. 
  • All board members: Attend membership programs and at least 80% of monthly Board of Director meetings. 
  • Major responsibilities of this position are recruitment and retention of membership. Major focus is increasing membership from the previous year, while providing responsive customer service to existing members to enhance retention. 
  • Three board members share this role as Co-Directors and will work together to fulfill requirements. 
  • Term of office is one year.

Specific Duties and/or Procedures: 

  • Devise strategy to market HRATV to potential new applicants. Solicit potential members whenever possible (i.e.,, ask for referrals during professional gatherings, etc.). Provide application instructions to applicants.
  • Ensure that applicants provide all pertinent documentation to substantiate membership eligibility. Follow up on inquiries. Assess new applications/resumes for eligibility and provide recommendations to Board for approval. Ensure notification to new members that they have been approved for membership. Document dues payments and give checks to Chapter Administrator for deposit.
  • Maintain accurate list of members (oversee Chapter Administrator).
  • Conduct annual membership renewal process in a timely fashion and track expenses and dues. Follow up on non-responses.
  • Attend monthly membership meetings and monthly Board meetings.


  • Promote SHRM membership through various methods (i.e., newsletter announcement, market to prospective new members when contacted by them, etc.).

Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley 
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