Human resources association
of treasure valley

Board Position - treasurer

Bylaws Requirements and Duties:

  • All Board members: Must be a regular member of the association in good standing at the time of nomination of appointment and an active member in the association for one year.
  • All board members: Attend membership programs and at least 80% of monthly Board of Director meetings.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Association. This responsibility shall include financial reports to the Board and arrangements for the annual examination and audit of the accounts. He/she shall also perform such other duties as the President may determine. Expenditure of funds exceeding $100 must have prior Board approval. A second signature is required on all checks over $500.

Specific Duties and/or Procedures:

  • With the Budget Committee, create an annual budget.
  • Oversee the preparation of and present monthly reports comparing actual expenditures and income to budget amounts. *
  • Oversee the keeping of detailed records of expense and income. *
  • Oversee and assure Association money-market account is balanced. *
  • Oversee the payment of expenses incurred by the Association and deposit of dues and other income paid to the Association. *
  • Present Treasurer’s report including account balances and significant transactions at each Board meeting.
  • Serve (along with the President and Past President) as second signature on checks over $500.
  • Insure that a tax return is completed as necessary at the end of the fiscal year – December 31.
  • Perform an overview of Association books at the end of each fiscal year.

* Oversee duties of Chapter Administrator

Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley 
SHRM Chapter #0111

P.O. Box 1733
Boise, ID 83701

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