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Human Rights Certification from Wassmuth Center for Human Rights

  • Monday, April 15, 2024


  • Please provide your contact information and we will be in touch with additional details.

Interested in participating in a small group cohort to receive your Human Rights Certification from Wassmuth Center for Human Rights? If so, please complete this registration. We will be in touch with additional details. 


  • Small group cohorts will meet monthly to complete the certification, beginning in the Spring and completing in the Fall.
  • Cohorts will be facilitated by HRATV’s Diversity Co-chairs.
  • Time estimate is approximately one hour per month.
  • Cost is $35 and will be paid directly to Wassmuth once cohorts are established. (At the time you pay, you’ll register for the program via Wassmuth.)
  • Participants will receive 6 recertification credits from both SHRM and HRCI.
  • We’ll be sending out a short SurveyMonkey to determine best day of week, time to meet, and whether people prefer in person or via zoom, so stay tuned for that coming your way shortly. 

About the Certification:

“Comments from business leaders in support of diversity tend to be both philosophical (“This is the right thing to do”) and practical (“We want to attract and retain the best people”).  As a result, most businesses – and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, civic groups, and so on — tend to have statements of value that stress the importance of respecting human dignity and reaching out to all segments of society.

The Wassmuth Center’s Human Rights Certification Program is based in that reality.  It provides a way for an individual to acquire deep understanding of the core values of diversity, inclusion, ethics, respect, and civility; to reflect about how those values impact work and personal life; and to decide what action can be taken, one person at a time, to bring those values to the workplace or the community.  As a final category, participants consider the role of the “Upstander,” the person who lives those values out on a daily basis.

Why is certification important?  For the individual, certification is formal recognition of a specific skill set that focuses on human rights and human dignity.  For a business or organization, having employees or members who have earned certification is evidence that value statements are backed by knowledgeable, thoughtful, and meaningful commitments.

Each successful certification is a reminder that people of good intent and good will – people like you – are creating a new reputation for their department, their company, and their community as a place where human rights and human dignity are at the heart of daily living.”

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