Human resources association
of treasure valley


SHRM’s Chapter Financial Support Payment (CFSP) Program is a benefit that is provided to all SHRM chapters in good standing.  

As a part of the CFSP program, eligible chapters in good standing receive a portion of each primarily coded professional (non-student) SHRM national member’s dues. Primarily coded means the member has chosen a chapter as their primary chapter.  While a SHRM member may belong to more than one affiliated chapter, only one chapter may be designated as that member's primary chapter. A member is free to change that designation as he/she wishes.

Primary Chapter Designation Forms (CDFs) are signed directives from the member to SHRM authorizing SHRM to change his/her primary chapter designation.  The CDF is completed by the member -- after they have joined the chapter through the chapter application process -- and submitted via this form. Upon receipt of the executed form, the member's primary chapter will be changed.  This form is only necessary for individuals looking to change their primary chapter designation.

The Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley (HRATV) Chapter # is 0111.

To designate HRATV as your primary chapter, please complete the SHRM Chapter Designation Form.

Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley 
SHRM Chapter #0111

P.O. Box 1733
Boise, ID 83701

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