Human resources association
of treasure valley

Board Position - sponsorship

Bylaws Requirements and Duties:

  • All Board members: Must be a regular member of the association in good standing at the time of nomination of appointment and an active member in the association for one year.
  • All board members: Attend membership programs and at least 80% of monthly Board of Director meetings.
  • Major responsibilities of this position are sponsorship relationships and opportunities with vendors and organizations that can promote their services appropriately with HRATV.
  • Provide responsive customer service to sponsors to enhance sponsorship. Term of office is one year.

Specific Duties and/or Procedures: 

  • Responsible for continual interaction and engagement of vendors and service providers that can provide valuable resources, solutions, and revenue for HRATV and its members.
  • Facilitate outreach efforts to engage quality vendors and solicit sponsorships for events throughout the year (particularly the Professional Development programs).
  • Focus on a variety of networking/social and educational events to bring our members and vendors together to add value to their membership while identifying opportunities to generate a revenue stream for the Chapter.
  • Responsible for decision-making and pricing of revenue-generating functions, including the online job board.


  • Promote SHRM membership through various methods (i.e., newsletter announcement, market to prospective new members when contacted by them, etc.).

Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley 
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